Peace and Tranquility

 Abseiling with our parner just 5 minutes from us


What goes up, must ... abseil!

Abseiling? What a silly thing to do! How many good reasons can YOU come up with to justify throwing yourself down a cliff?

It started off when explorers in the European Alps ascended some of the major peaks. The climbing started to become so demanding, that the way down was too difficult. From here they developed techniques to use ropes to 'slide' down.

The word Abseiling comes from the German language where "ab" means down (really!) and "seil" is their word for a rope. Read on to find out how you can join us for adventures or courses involving going down the ropes.

Abseil, face your fears


Once the butterflies are out of the way (after the first 2 meters), it's YOUR time to fly!

Whether you feel the urge alone, with your family and friends, or want to have some fun outdoors with the guys & gals from the office: experience the thrill of facing your fears, and do so in beautiful places.


We can plan your abseil day based on your group size and previous experience level. 

So!? Get going. There are dozens of fine cliffs and waterfalls to abseil from in our region. Do some abseiling as an activity on its own or as part of an adventure day. 

If abseiling starts becoming a bit of a passion (or addiction)


Waterfall Abseiling



If Tim only took off those shades, so that we could see how big his eyeballs are!

If you feel that you have enough previous abseiling experience.... or .... willing to take the chance that won't chicken out, then this one is for you. Set in the awesome Elands Valley

, we do this 60m abseil next to the Elands falls.

In this case, what goes down ... must come up. The scramble back a side gulley after swimming at the base of the falls is an experience in itself. One that has made many abseilers take up rock climbing and seeing the added joy in ascending cliffs before abseiling down them.







Your place or mine? 


"I'll be back at the pub in the background before you can say: "Never say never!"

Please note that we are not bound to only operate on our sites and properties in the close proximity.

We operate country-wide and can apply our skills on your grounds or choice of venue. Whether it is a camp, team-build, adventure race or birthday party. We have also facilitated adventures outside the country and for the disabled, blind and previously disadvantaged.

On our horizons, their are no limits to the vision that anybody should take part and discover true adventure within their own abilities and constraints.

Remember that we offer all activities on a 'Challenge by Choice' basis. Nobody gets forced to go higher, faster or at all. We look after your safety and you lean back and enjoy the adventure or walk away and say: "I tried, and many other things are there for me to succeed in."



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(Please note that the rate can vary, as this chart is from 2014) 

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