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Cradle of Life


A beautiful drive just 45 minutes away





The Cradle of Life is a conservation and education project.  It operates under a standing zoological Gardens permit.


The Biopark was established for the benefit of day visitors and tourists and consists of the Cradle of Life Wildlife Santuary (predators), Safari Park (free roaming wildlife) and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre



Life is very much part and parcel of the environment here, not only ancient, but modern too. The most impressive array of earthly animal species, exotic and indigenous, have been gathered together at the Cradle of Life.







These include white lions, tigers, jaguars, pumas, leopards, cheetahs, Siberian wolves,

hyenas and meerkats. 



Cradle of life Wildlife Sanctuary provides a home for these amazing animals.


Each having been brought here because they have come into conflict with humans who have taken their land for farming, mining, roads, settlements etc.


The wildlife sanctuary gives them a safe refuge and also allows these magnificcent creatures to be spectacular embassadors for their species.


We hope these encounters will inspire humans to set aside and restore more land and habitats into which some of these animals can be released





The Cradle of lifeTM biosphere is situated within the area known as the Great Nkomati River Valley and forms a significant part of the world famous Barberton Makhonjwa Mountainlands, home to the world famous, ancient Barberton Greenstone Belt



It is an area of outstanding scientific value, immeasurable ecological and geological significance, with breathtaking natural beauty



Our ‘fresh fuel’, clean restrooms, and well stocked convenience store provide a welcome break on a long journey and our spacious restaurant will provide a range of delicious meals for travellers wanting to take a longer break on their journey.





Game Drives

Go on a Safari through our Wildlife Park accompanied by a qualified ranger, and you will be guaranteed to see a variety of high-veld, middle-veld & low-veld animals.

At the Cat Sanctuary you will see a large number of big predators, including the big 5 cats of the world. You will learn more about these magnificent creatures; their different habitats, prey & feeding habits. This drive is a must see experience.



Game Drive:

Adults  R110.00
Children R55.00


Feeding Drive:

Adults  R150.00
Children R75.00


























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